2022 Election Re-Cap

2022 Election Re-Cap

Election results are in!  While deeper reflections will be forthcoming and included in upcoming issues of The Activist, we want to thank our candidates, campaign workers, and others as well as provide an update on the November 2022 Richmond election results.

At this point, almost all of the election results have come in, however across the county, 217 provisional ballots are in review and 1,683 ballots have no signature or the signature does not match. The Contra Costa County Elections Office is handling the process of resolving challenged ballots and expects to certify the election during the first week of December. Across the county, 56% of registered voters cast their ballots in this election. Richmond’s voter turnout was even lower than that.

Thank you, Mayor-elect Eduardo Martinez, for running for office and capturing nearly 40% of the vote in a crowded four-person race. We stand with your vision, as you said, “I see Richmond as a beautiful city that’s getting better over time. Over the years, I have seen us achieve cleaner air, less violence, better policing, more green spaces, and better economic protections for our workers and renters. I look forward to serving all of Richmond as mayor.”

Thank you, newly elected City Council Member Doria Robinson for stepping up and winning a seat to represent District 3—the place where you have lived your whole life. We rejoice with you as you captured nearly 40% of the vote over Oscar Garcia and Corky Boozé. Your words of appreciation rang out when you addressed your supporters: “all the volunteers, well-wishers, phone bankers, sign droppers, cheerleaders and voters made this possible.”

Thank you, Jamin Pursell for campaigning with dignity and integrity, never slandering and always keeping the high ground of political competition. You walked among District 4 residents and reached thousands of them, spreading knowledge of local politics, and listening to their concerns. We are of course disappointed that you did not win the City Council seat but we are profoundly inspired by you as a politician and  how you ran your race.

Richmond passed Measure P, which reduces the cap on allowable rent increases to 60% of inflation or a flat 3%, whichever is lower. Thank you, to the nearly 60% of Richmond voters who supported this important safeguard for renters in our city.

Thank you, RPA strategists, campaign staffers, organizers, and publicity designers for keeping our candidates’ messages positive and forward looking. We did not flood mailboxes with negative propaganda, lies, or distortions. Thank you for being a model of civil discourse and friendly politicking.

We thank the many canvassers who showed up week in and week out volunteering their time and energy to go door-to-door to meet Richmond residents and inform them about our good, strong candidates as well as listening to their concerns, hopes, and dreams for our city.

Thank you, sign makers and placers who drove around the city delivering yard and window signs for Richmond residents to proudly display their support.

We acknowledge the many people who donated money—without you we would not have been able to build campaign infrastructure for all our print material and signs. Personal contributions are the only ones we accept for campaigns since we don’t take corporate dollars. All donations, large and small, helped us fill our coffers and remain true to our values.

Thank you, phone bankers who sat for endless hours in front of their computers and phones to inform and petition our fellow citizens to vote.

And last, but not least, thank you, Richmond voters for casting your ballots and participating in democracy. Our community has elected some fine candidates. We have much to look forward to.

We still have a nail-biter with the results for District 2 between Cesar Zepeda and Andrew Butt. The final tally resulted in a tie, which meant the winner was chosen by chance. Cesar Zepeda's name was drawn to serve as District 2 council member, however Andrew Butt has initiated the recount process. 

Information on other races relevant to Richmond residents, such as AC Transit Director and West Contra Costa County Unified School District Board Members, can be found at the Contra Costa County Elections website.