Canvass for Jovanka

Canvass for Jovanka


Hello Friends, Endorsers, Siblings, Supporters, and Comrades!

Thanks to Jovanka and other progressives in the Richmond Progressive Alliance, Richmond has become the center of progressive values in California. As a two-term city councilmember, Jovanka fought against Chevron's pervasive influence in all levels of local government, reduced crime through funding new social programs, defended union jobs, and more! As ballots go out to voters, we're facing a clear choice: do we want to continue to be represented by politicians that serve our state's corporate elite, or do we want representatives who stand with workers and our community?

As mail in ballots arrive, our fully corporate-free campaign needs all the help it can get to reach every last voter!

Join the Richmond Progressive Alliance, East Bay DSA, UC Berkeley YDSA, Contra Consta Young Dems, ACCE Action, and more this Sunday, February 11th to Canvass voters door to door and face to face with her emancipatory, corporate-free message! No experience needed, so join us and Jovanka, hear from her, have some coffee and snacks, meet some great people, and we'll train you to make a difference!

We'll be meeting at NOON this Sunday at the Richmond Progressive Alliance office at 12929 San Pablo Ave, Richmond, CA 94804!



Snacks, coffee, training provided

February 11, 2024 at 12:00pm - 3pm

Will you come?