City Council Endorsement Process 2021

City Council Endorsement Process 2021

Running for Richmond City Council? Want an Endorsement from the RPA?

Photo credit: Tony Tamayo

Are you or someone you know thinking about running for Richmond City Council and interested in seeking an endorsement from the RPA?  Here's how it works.

The Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA) is looking for candidates to endorse for the 2022 Richmond City Council race. Members of the RPA Election Coordinating Committee (ECC) will interview candidates in November of 2021, and the RPA membership will vote on endorsements in early 2022.

To apply for endorsement:

  1. Read Article 13 of the RPA Bylaws (PDF) to understand the relationship between the RPA and the candidates we endorse.
  2. Read the most recent version of the RPA platform (PDF) to get a sense of the values and policies that are central to the RPA. This is the 2020 platform and by necessity a living document and we have a committee currently proposing revisions.
  3. Any candidate who wants to engage with RPA members on an on-going basis and holds views that are consistent with the RPA platform is encouraged to seek endorsement. To be considered, complete and return the RPA Endorsement Questions (PDF) to [email protected] no later than October 31, 2021 at 5 PM.  You should also choose an interview time in early November. Interviews will most likely be conducted via Zoom. 
  4. All candidates who submit answers to the RPA Endorsement Questions (PDF) by the deadline will be contacted to confirm their interview time in November. The final decision on endorsement rests with a vote of the RPA membership in early 2022.

If you have questions, you can reach the Election Coordinating Committee by emailing [email protected].