Democracy Supreme

Democracy Supreme

By Anonymous

Richmond voters had a full range of candidates to choose from for mayor.  Why wouldn’t Nathaniel Bates take a chance on ending his career of service with the city, yet again, as its mayor? He's earned the chance to put himself forward for that. Shawn Dunning has supporters. Recent generations may find his nouveau consultant style comfortable. Nothing wrong with testing the waters.  Mark Wassberg, one of the involved, passionate but given to misinterpretation members of the public, put himself forth and gains more votes every time he runs. And Eduardo, the winner, has RPA support. It can't be said voters did not have plenty of choices. Democracy in action. The voters have spoken.

So far, most of the seats on the council are filled with people who lean progressive or have an RPA affiliation, including the Mayor-elect. The answer for those who wonder, RPA obviously is Richmond. Voters trust a group of people concerned that the city be a nice place for its residents. Membership is open to people committed to making that happen free of undue and harmful corporate influence and agenda.

On the Facebook group page called Everybody's Richmond California, Andrew Butt, a candidate for Richmond City Council District 2, reposted his father's E-forum. The E-forum complains about RPA members on the current city council voting not to approve three people the mayor had nominated for participation in city planning in favor of affording Mayor-elect Martinez the chance to compile a new administration - the reason he was elected. Mayor Butt says this is like Mitch McConnell denying President Obama a Supreme Court appointment so close to a national election. In this case however,  the election has already occurred. 

One writer (Mindy Pines) imagined the possible roles Andrew Butt might fulfill as a member of the city council. Should it turn out his recount bid changes things in his favor, instead of Cesar Zepeda, we would advise against Butt's taking up the Corky Boozé torch, planning to run for mayor as the one who stopped RPA from doing anything. That kind of obstructionism replicates McConnell's, and the public hates it.

For that matter, it would be a relief were all Butts' commentary to bend toward constructive support of attempts to address Richmond's intractable problems rather than attempts to derail the RPA-led Council the voters chose.