Richmond LAND Presents Black LAND, Power, and Futures

Richmond LAND Presents Black LAND, Power, and Futures

By Kyndelle Johnson

Unidentified Earl Lewis Junior High School students during a trip to Boston Redevelopment Authority Washington Park site office, 105 Crawford Street, by Joseph Runci (1965)

There will be a teach-in taking place online, via Zoom on February 28th, 2022 at 6pm. Richmond LAND presents Black LAND, Power, and Futures will feature local historical experts and community leaders. There will be opportunities for in-depth discussion. 

Since 2000, the Black population in our city has decreased nearly 40%. The amount of rich wisdom, history, cultural strength, and diversity has plummeted with the mass displacement of our community members. This phenomenon is not happening without a great deal of historical disinvestment and exclusion as context. Our organization’s goal is to build power toward community-controlled development in Richmond. To understand how we can best protect our Black neighbors, and build sustainable and empowering housing for our community, we must be grounded in our city’s history.

Richmond LAND is proud to bring the Black LAND, Power, and Futures Teach-in to Richmond’s Black History celebration events for our first annual edition. Our teach-in will include an in-depth discussion about the emblematic nature of Black history in today’s movement community-controlled, safe, sustainable, and affordable housing and land. 

Our facilitator and attendees will discuss the importance of the African diaspora in the past, present, and future of development in Richmond. We will share informational resources, highlight local community members and their experiences, and strategize goals of collective development and Black Futures in Richmond. We will explore how social norms and policies of the past informed the Richmond we know today, and how we can come together in a transformative effort to uplift our communities. 

In the program schedule, we will discuss articles, videos, and community perspectives on the reality and history of housing and economic justice in Richmond. Our artist in residence, Cici will help us understand the significance of Black cultural strength in our past to aid us in defining a stronger, more equitable Richmond. We are prioritizing Black and Brown voices during this teach-in, so participants are encouraged to be aware of your privilege and prepare to listen and learn during the session. We are looking forward to meeting and learning with you all.

This event is free and will be held online via Zoom. To receive access, register here. Please contact Base-Building Coordinator Kyndelle Johnson at [email protected] for any questions or concerns. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more updates leading up to the event. 

In the meantime, here is a three-part series, a history of North Richmond, by director Doug Harris: An Exploration of Our History.

Richmond LAND’s mission is to build grassroots power for resident-driven and community controlled land use through community organizing, land acquisition, development, and stewardship of land and affordable housing for lasting community benefit.

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