Richmond Rainbow Pride Event: Infinite Pride

Richmond Rainbow Pride Event: Infinite Pride

By Jamin Pursell

Richmond Rainbow Pride is having its 8th annual Pride event on Sunday, June 5th 2022 at noon, broadcast on Established in 2014, Richmond Rainbow Pride is a group of LGBTQIA individuals and allies who live, work and play in or near Richmond and who have come together for the collective benefit of the LGBTQIA community.

This will be a 90 minute spectacular variety event. The theme for this year's Gay Pride is “Infinite Pride.” LGBTQIA people have always existed, and community pride will continue to grow in new and boundless ways because nothing can stop authenticity, truth, and love.

The gala will be hosted by Baron Lorde Valentine and Baroness Princess Monet Sparkle of The Court of Many Colors, Cultures & Equality. You will see amazing acts by LGBT performers with music, performance art, and drag. Among their featured performances will be the Oakland Gay Men’s Chorus—more than 50 voices singing a wide variety of music, from Classical to Broadway.  

You can watch the show on Twitch here.  

Richmond Rainbow Pride has wonderful merchandise available for purchase in our Redbubble store. Proceeds go to support the organization and our annual events.

Find out more about our upcoming Pride celebration and our other work on our website!