RPA endorses Willis, Martinez & Recinos for 2018!

RPA endorses Willis, Martinez & Recinos for 2018!

At its March 31, 2018 membership meeting, the RPA enthusiastically voted to endorse Melvin Willis for Richmond Mayor, and Eduardo Martinez and Ada Recinos for City Council.

Melvin Willis, Richmond’s current Vice Mayor, announced his intention to run in December and will be running against Mayor Tom Butt. Three Council seats are also up in November: those of Jovanka Beckles, Eduardo Martinez, and Ada Recinos.  Jovanka is not seeking re-election in order to focus on her bid for Assembly District 15.

The vote occurred a few weeks after an RPA candidates night, during which RPA members had a chance to meet and get to know several candidates who were seeking the RPA’s endorsement. All candidates seeking endorsement were also asked to fill out a questionnaire and confirm that they would reject corporate campaign donations – the only “bright line” requirement of RPA electoral endorsement.

The RPA is thrilled to back such inspiring candidates with progressive values. Melvin, Eduardo and Ada’s campaigns will take a lot of work by the candidates and the campaign committees, and you can help starting now!

- Please considering personally endorsing these great candidates. Email to [email protected]. Include your name as you would like to be listed, and any identification you would like with your name. (If you list an organization it will be noted as “Organizations for identification purposes only”). Also please specifically state the names of the candidates you are endorsing; for example: I endorse Melvin Willis for Mayor and Ada Recinos and Eduardo Martinez for City Council. List me as “Sally Activist, teacher” (or Richmond Resident, or union, or name of organization.)

- If you would like to help in other ways, email us at the address above and give us your phone number

- Consider meeting Ada Recinos at a houseparty hosted at the home of Steve Early and Suzanne Gordon on Saturday, April 21 from 2-6pm (747 Lobos Ave). RSVP to Steve.