RPA Membership Elects New Steering Committee

RPA Membership Elects New Steering Committee

On March 31, the RPA membership voted in its new slate of Steering Committee members, and also amended the organization’s bylaws to have Steering Committee members serve two-year terms.

The new steering committee is comprised of (bios can be found here):

Jovanka Beckles, Richmond City Councilmember

Porschea Brown, RPA Rep, Lift Up Contra Costa Coalition

Michelle Chan, Recording Secretary

Ruscal Cayangyang, Finance and Governance committee

Chris Broglio, Office Committee Chair

Peter Chau, Schools Action Team

Millie Cleveland, SEIU Union Field Representative, Elections and Campaign Committee

Malia Everette, Co-Chair; Agenda Setting, Governance & Finance, Membership Committee

Michael Gliksohn, Treasurer, and Finance and Governance Committee Chair

Alyssa Kang, CNA Representative, Membership Standing Committee

Kabir Kapur, Membership Committee and The Sun

Marilyn Langlois, RPA representative on the Fair and Affordable Richmond Coalition and Reentry Solutions Group

Paul Larudee, Fundraising Committee

Mike Parker, Schools Action Team, Agenda Setting Committee, Elections and Campaign Committee, and Fundraising Committees  

Juan Reardon, Sister Alliances Action Team

Ada Recinos, Richmond City Council

David Sharples, ACCE Representative, Fundraising Committee

Carlos Taboada, Schools Action Team

Diana Wear, Chair, SC Development Committee; Membership Committee

BK Williams, Co-chair, Agenda Committee, and Richmond Rainbow Pride

Melvin Willis, Richmond City Council

Sue Wilson, Chair, Communications

Big thanks to the Nominating Committee, which reviewed dozens of applications and conducted many interviews. The 2018-2020 RPA Steering Committee is comprised of an equal number of men and women, and 60 percent people of color.