Spring RPA Membership Meeting

Spring RPA Membership Meeting

Come one, come all!

RPA Membership Spring meeting will be Saturday, March 26, 2-4 pm. We know we’re all tired of Zoom meetings but, for now, it’s still our go-to gathering spot. And yes, the Office Committee is looking for an office but we’re not there yet. Still, we have news to share, people to meet, and actions to plan.

Eleven new RPA members are joining our ranks. They will briefly introduce themselves at our meeting if they can make it.  For those of you on Action Teams, as you hear these newcomers express what brought them to RPA and what they’re interested in, take notes and give them a welcome to the important work you want to accomplish and invite them to an upcoming meeting.

Our Team Richmond candidates have begun canvassing. Sign up to walk with Eduardo and with Jamin, or reach out to find out how you might pitch in during this campaign season. There is something for everyone.

Future 2022 meeting dates are June 25 and September 24. Our Annual Holiday party December date is tbd.