The Activist Remembers Mike Parker

The Activist Remembers Mike Parker

I knew Mike Parker when I was a student at the University of Chicago in the early 1960s. Mike was a brilliant advocate for workers and unions then, and he remained so for the rest of his life.  Mike fought tirelessly for human solidarity and a more just and humane world.  His life's work and dedication should serve as an example for all of us.
         -Bernie Sanders

The Richmond Progressive Alliance owes an enormous debt of gratitude to Mike Parker and Margaret Jordan, both of whom brought passion, deep knowledge, and a shared sense of justice to our organization. The Activist, the RPA's newsletter, was created by Mike. We can consider its continuation a small part of his immense legacy.

We are devoting this issue to remembering our beloved friend and comrade.

Details of the celebration of his life to come.

Mike with his brother Bill Parker, 1970s