Want to Write for the Activist?

Want to Write for the Activist?

Red and White Plum Blossoms with Poem SlipRyuryukyo Shinsai (c. 1810)

The Activist wants to hear from you. And we all know that progressives have plenty to say. Help us get the word out on issues most important to you and the Richmond community.

Procedures to Publish in The Activist

Article ideas are welcome and can be submitted here, by reaching out to Communications Committee Chair Shiva directly via email or by attending a Communications Committee meetings on the 1st and 3rd Monday evenings from 5-6:30 by Zoom. Our publishing schedule allows time and space to propose ideas, submit drafts, be in dialogue with editors, fact checkers, and artists. The production timeline is designed to organize a professional issue, so we do our best to work within that schedule. We aim to publish monthly, near the beginning of each month. Late arrivals are accepted in rare instances, so we make space for topics that need timely attention. We will also publish an occasional extra issue for critical topics.

Activist articles are typically about 500 words. We publish news articles on our movement, successes and struggles about our varied involvements, features about our Action Teams, news of our allied organizations, City Councilmember’s notable quotes or actions, and election updates. We also give voice to works about local arts, artists, culture, and youth activities.

Publicizing events could be a full-time endeavor for anyone trying to keep abreast of varied and important activities, actions, forums, and happenings engaged with by RPA members. Therefore, the Comms Team has developed a few guidelines for publication:

  •     Stand-alone event promotion can occur if it is an RPA event or an RPA SC-endorsed event.
  •     Non-RPA event inclusion can be included if it is incorporated into an article. Otherwise send only calls to action.
  •     Social media: event not related to RPA or RPA ally events and actions need to be written up in two short paragraphs (about 200 words) with substance—not just a quick blurb. You may also request Facebook or Instagram re-posts as an option.
  •     Exceptions: The Comms Team will use discretion to promote other non-RPA events. 

RPA members and allies are encouraged to contact us about issues of concern that you think need coverage as well as propose new topics for dialogue and conversation. Comments and constructive critique are welcome too.