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Our Core Beliefs

One Richmond:  A better Richmond is possible only when we work together to unify the different communities that make up our diverse city.  If you feel the same, join the RPA and join one of our Action Team or committee meetings.

Democracy is about people, not corporations: Corporations have too much power in our society. In all our activities and campaigns, we refuse contributions from corporate donors.   Instead, we try to counteract corporate power with the voluntary activity of large numbers of people.   Democracy is about people, not corporations, making the important decisions.

Diversity and Respect:  We are registered as Democrats, Greens, Independents, and more. We don’t all agree on every issue. But we do agree on the need to build a strong progressive movement in Richmond, one where people support each other.

Steering Committee Meetings

The RPA Steering Committee meets on the third Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm.  For the time being, all meetings are held online.  If you are an RPA member and would like to attend, send an email to [email protected] to get the login information. 


Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC)

We are excited to announce that Round 2 of the Endorsements Coordinating Committee (ECC) process is now open! If you are interested in the RPA’s endorsement for the ongoing election cycle, please submit your interest by July 5th.

ECC Timeline

ECC completes outreach to invite candidates to apply for endorsement. Includes invitation email message

July 5
Applicant deadline

July 7-17
ECC schedules and conducts interviews

July 17
ECC meets to write an endorsement motion and report for the Steering Committee

July 18
Steering Committee to vote on endorsement

August Membership Meeting
Vote on endorsement

Inform all candidates who applied. Remind them of the deadline to file with the city.