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We are pleased to join the growing list of endorsers in support of one of our own -Jovanka Beckles, for the California State Senate.  Jovanka is a charter member of RPA and a long time activist and Elected Official.  Jovanka has been a corporate-free candidate in every one of the electoral races - Richmond City Council, State Assembly and AC Transit - she has been involved in since 2008. She was elected to serve two terms on the Richmond City Council and once as Vice-Mayor. She successfully ran for the AC Transit Board, and currently holds that position. 

Jovanka represents a number of communities in the district as well as in the State and she would take her commitment to these communities - Black, Latinx, immigrant, LGBTQI+, rank and file union members and other working people, parents, grandparents and more. She is well known as a boots on the ground, frontline activist as well as a policy maker who delivers on her promises. Jovanka has spent over two decades working with struggling children and families in the East Bay. She knows what our families need. She listens to young people, elders and people of all ages. She has paid attention and she has been there  - in their homes and on the front lines fighting for them. 


Jovanka has repeatedly demonstrated her commitment to fight for the issues of justice: social, racial, environmental and economic. We deserve a representative with lived experience that reflects the diverse needs of those most impacted by the critical decisions made in the State legislature. We encourage you to vote for Jovanka Beckles for State Senate March 5th, 2024!

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Our Core Beliefs

One Richmond:  A better Richmond is possible only when we work together to unify the different communities that make up our diverse city.  If you feel the same, join the RPA and join one of our Action Team or committee meetings.

Democracy is about people, not corporations: Corporations have too much power in our society. In all our activities and campaigns, we refuse contributions from corporate donors.   Instead, we try to counteract corporate power with the voluntary activity of large numbers of people.   Democracy is about people, not corporations, making the important decisions.

Diversity and Respect:  We are registered as Democrats, Greens, Independents, and more. We don’t all agree on every issue. But we do agree on the need to build a strong progressive movement in Richmond, one where people support each other.


Steering Committee Meetings

The RPA Steering Committee meets on the third Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm.  For the time being, all meetings are held online.  If you are an RPA member and would like to attend, send an email to [email protected] to get the login information.