About the Richmond Progressive Alliance


The RPA has this explicit goal: to take political decision-making back from corporations and put power in the hands of the people.  The RPA mobilizes people in support of progressive policies and candidates, often in alliance with other local groups. 

RPA Achievements Include: 

  • - Advanced green job training and led the Bay Area in solar installation in 2010
  • - Rejected an urban casino at Point Molate
  • - Ended driver license check-points and the impounding of cars driven by drivers without licenses
  • - Forced Chevron to pay on average an additional $7.5 million in taxes per year for 15 years
  • - Created and funded the Office of Neighborhood Safety, which helped reduce homicides by 75%
  • - Passed Fair Rent Control and Just Cause for Eviction
  • - Increased Richmond minimum wage to $15 by 2020
  • - Elected progressive candidates to city offices despite being outspent 20-1 by corporate donors
  • - Passed an ordinance in 2019 to prevent the city from sharing information with ICE.
  • - Supported community-led efforts in 2019 to ban the Storing and Handling of Coal and petroleum coke in Richmond.
  • - Supported a voter-approved measure in 2020 which changed business license tax from a flat rate to progressive tax.
  • - Passed an ordinance in 2021 to enact a temporary moratorium on evictions related to the pandemic.
  • - Supported efforts to reimagine public safety in 2021 by investing in non-law-enforcement crisis response, youth employment gun violence prevention and intervention, and services for the unhoused.

Contact the RPA

[email protected]
Office - 510-412-2260
12929 San Pablo Avenue, Richmond, CA 94805


Watch "Sharing Our Experience: The Richmond Progressive Alliance" 


RPA Membership Meetings

Membership meetings are held every two to three months.  Members elect the Steering Committee of the RPA and are the final authority on RPA policy.  Click here to become a member or to renew your membership.


RPA Action Teams and Committees

RPA Action Teams are open to all members interested in doing research, discussion, and action around specific topics.  You can go to the Get Involved link to RSVP for the meetings below or follow up with the point person for more information.

Current Action Teams are:

Schools Action Team: This team works to strengthen and improve public schools in Richmond. They work closely with stakeholders, including students, parents, and teachers, to research issues and make recommendations to the district and county school boards. Contact Jamin Pursell ([email protected]) to learn more, or sign up for the next meeting here.

Housing Action Team:
This team will research and develop housing-related proposals that will best serve renters, homeowners, and the unhoused in Richmond. RPA is especially eager to create new low-income and affordable housing stock in the city. Contact Michael Gliksohn ([email protected]) to learn more, or sign up for the next meeting here.

Budget Action Team: 
This team will analyze the city budget and to make recommendations to city council members. Some of the topics that the committee may explore include hidden money in the current budget, outside contracting, the police budget, and new revenue sources. Contact Emily Ross ([email protected]) to learn more, or sign up for the next meeting here.

New Environmental Action Team:
Richmond is a frontline community that experiences “first and worst” the consequences of climate change. This team will coordinate with local environmental organizations to make sure that council members are well-prepared to make decisions on environmental issues. They'll also keep track of environmental issues that may be buried in the council agenda. Contact Alfredo Angulo ([email protected]) to learn more, or sign up for the next meeting here.

Council Action Team:
This team supports council members by researching and discussing issues that come up on the agenda. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Standing Committees:  In addition to the Action Teams, members meet in Standing Committees (Finance and Governance, Fundraising, Communications, Membership, Office) to manage the operations of the RPA.  If you'd like to join one of these committees or otherwise contribute to RPA operations, contact [email protected].


RPA Steering Committee

The RPA Steering Committee plans actions, collaborations, and statements on behalf of the RPA, focusing largely on big issues such as affordable housing, minimum wage, and how we can work with the city council and other groups in the city to bring about positive change. Our positions on these issues are made public on this website and in the RPA newsletter.

The new Steering Committee was elected at the RPA membership meeting on February 27, 2021.  They will serve a two-year term:

Co-chairs: BK Williams and Claudia Jimenez

Recording Secretary: vacant

Treasurer: Michael Gliksohn (Finance and Governance Committee Chair)

Membership and Office Committee Chair: Chris Broglio

Communications Committee Chair: Shiva Mishek

At large members: Jovanka Beckles, Sue Wilson, Eduardo Martinez, Melvin Willis

Organizational representatives: Alyssa Kang (California Nurses Association), Jamin Pursell (Richmond Rainbow Pride)

Recommended Reading

Refinery Town: Big Oil, Big Money, and the Remaking of an American City by Steve Early

The Origins of the Richmond Progressive Alliance by Juan Reardon

Sharing Our Experience: The Richmond Progressive Alliance by Juan Reardon

Richmond Progressive Alliance, Communities Fight for Community Control Over Corporate Power by Mike Parker, Social Policy, Summer 2013, Volume 43 #2.

Chevron Hit with One-Two Punch in Richmond, California, by Steve Early & Susan Gordon, Huffington Post

A Social Policy Case Study and Follow-up on Richmond Progressive Alliance Two Years Later: Richmond Progressive Alliance: Defeating Big Money in Politics, by Mike Parker. Social Policy, Winter 2016.


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