Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture Highlight- JD Arandía

Local Richmond artist JD Arandía is a podcast host, stand-up comedian, and County Arts Commissioner. JD is Bay Area born and raised. He grew up on a steady diet of Cantiflas, Chespirito, Jim Carrey and The Simpsons and from the first time he made someone laugh he was hooked. He enjoys the art of comedy because it brings light to all aspects of the human experience.

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Expanding Richmond’s Arts and Culture

Authored by Tony Tamayo, RPA Intern

Photo Credit: Tony Tamayo

Art is exploding in the mainstream in our city. We are beginning to see new art investments centered around community involvement and inclusivity. Paired with the rise of social media that was fast-tracked by the pandemic, artists in Richmond are being newly discovered and uplifted through the community on and off the cellphone screen. Art is important for many reasons: art uplifts our spirits, art can help relieve stress, art can be a source of income, and most importantly, art can preserve critical aspects of our culture here in Richmond. 

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